Becker is striving for 5,000 population with the 2020 Census. In April 2018 the population was estimated at 4,856. That means there are only 144 people to go!

Why 5,000 population is important to Becker

  • Becker will be eligible for Municipal State-Aid Street System Funding
  • Businesses use census data for placement of new locations. It will help the City replace tax dollars with the decommissioning of SHERCO.

Other Important reasons to take the Census:

  • Help MN keep its representation at the Federal Level.  MN could lose 1 House member in the next census unless everyone completes it!
  • Keep our allocation of federal and state resources –  even one person missed could cost MN taxpayers over $2800 annually in federal tax dollars that should be returned to communities.  Federal tax dollars assist with transportation, Medicaid, social assistance programs, education programs and emergency services.

Avoid the Enumerators and Help Your Community.

A final reminder postcard will be sent out between April 20-27. After this date the Census Bureau will follow up in person. This means that an enumerator will physically come to your door.

This can be an interruption to your normal schedule and responding to the census can save you from this inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

I live part of the year somewhere else? How do I respond to the census? How can I know the person at my door is from the Census Bureau?

Census Facts

Do you want to know some quick facts about the census?

I Need Help!

Census helpline and informational brochure.

Commit to be counted here for more information as the census approaches.

Next Steps…

Are you ready to take the Census? If not feel free to explore the site further. Otherwise click the “Take the Census” button to the right